My name is Jordyn Burggaller and I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer in the Oro Valley area in Arizona. I graduated college as a Fitness Professional and am now living my dream career. I have been into health and fitness all my life and love to help others find the passion I have found in fitness. I have played many sports growing up and even became professional in competitive jump rope! Being active has helped me in so many ways such as both physically and mentally. I can motivate you to be more active making your daily life better and easier!

Why Choose Me?

Not many trainers go to their clients’ houses to train them, but I prefer it. I have all the equipment needed to build strength and improve flexibility. I specialize in functional training rather than heavy weight lifting. My goal is to make the overall body healthier and improved. Working on balance, mobility, and many other fitness components to help you whether it is getting up and down from a chair or reaching up to get an item off the shelf, I can keep you moving and active.